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Infant Car Seat Slip-Covers for Boys

Ritzy Baby offers a variety of infant car seat slipcover options to dress up your baby boy's existing car seat. From handsome vintage style to trendy modern designs, Ritzy Baby has something for every taste.

Ritzy Baby Infant Car Seat Covers are not only beautiful, our covers help make some of life's biggest messes less stressful and much cleaner. 

Are you purchasing an infant car seat cover to camouflauge the pink car seat you spent a fortune on for baby number #1 so that baby number #2 (boy) can also use it? Maybe you are just wanting to protect the car seat in general so it stays nice, or maybe you just want your little prince or princess to ride in style. Whatever your reason, we want you to know that you will also be making some of life's biggest messes a lot less stressful. 

We all spend a lot of time in the car, unfortunately for our children that means they do as well. Ritzy Baby car seat covers were designed to simplify our life as a parent. We didn't design our car seat covers just for looks, although some may think so, that isn't the case. We followed very strict guidelines set by the CPSA when constructing our infant car seat covers so that they serve a purpose. I cannot tell you how many times my car seat cover kept my babies clean and got me off of the side of the road in a flash. I always kept a spare in my car. If your son or daughter has an accident on the side of the road and you are using your Ritzy Baby cover then you simply remove/replace and get back to your day! We always carry a spare outfit in our diaper bag for an emergency but would we really go to the trouble to change our baby's clothes only to put them back on top of the mess that we tried our best to wipe out? We all know that there's no possible way to clean a mess properly on the side of the road. My car seat cover always kept my car seat dry and clean and it made clean up simple. Toss in the wash when you get home and put it back in the car for next time. We have had so many parents request spare bodies that we have now added that option when you purchase your infant car seat cover. Ritzy Baby has got you covered!



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